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Studies suggest that teens with quality conversation skills are more likely to…

  • Get higher grades
  • Stand out among their peers
  • Earn more money
  • Have higher self-reported confidence and happiness




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What You’ll Learn

Part 1

Learn essential skills for an ability to talk to everyone you meet.

Part 2

Three simple steps to getting OTHERS to open up and speak freely.

Part 3

The secret to never having another awkward silence in conversation again.

Part 4

How to enlarge others and keep them consistently coming back to YOU.

Never Feel Awkward In Conversation Again

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STAR is kind of like an ice cream sundae… if you have a pulse, you are going to love it.

That said, we find that the people who benefit from the STAR curriculum the most are people who have jobs with high people interaction, those who suffer from social anxiety, and individuals who want to increase their conversations skills in order to connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime!

From CEO’s looking to increase sales with better people skills to teens who feel uncomfortable without a phone in hand, STAR does it all.

Education can be expensive, but nothing is MORE COSTLY than poor relational skills. There is no better investment than into your conversational skills.

Being able to communicate with others is the single most beneficial trait one can have to distinguish themselves from all others- whether it is for a job interview or social success, being able to talk with others is the key to a happy life!

Naa, we would never do you dirty like that. Your one-time fee buys you a membership for life!

Our product is so great you’re not going to need a refund. Like, for real. But if you’re still wondering… We believe in our product so much we offer a no questions asked, full refund, for 30 days. Buying a membership is no risk, and we make returns painless. If you are still on the fence, you can also sign up for our free trial (CLICK HERE) to see what STAR is like.

While any kindergartener will be quick to tell you that sharing is in fact caring, we want each of our users to have their own membership. Not only do individual memberships help the creators of STAR afford a cup of coffee on rainy days, it also enables each person to receive a CUSTOMIZED certificate of completion at the end of their course!

Hey, we think of it like this…a good tutor can cost between $35-60 an hour, and we gladly pay them to help our children in areas of study that they struggle in. We help them so that they can get good grades, graduate well and walk into a successful life. STAR is a similar investment, but instead of recurring hourly fees, it’s a one-time membership fee that will help them be successful in life RIGHT NOW! It’s like an all-access tutoring membership for how to successfully interact with others and succeed in life!