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Poor Conversation Skills Are COSTING YOU…


Thriving in conversation opens doors to new possibilities because it connects you with new people whom you did not know.


People who can speak well in interviews come across as confident and tend to land more jobs, get more raises, and have bigger networks.


Flourishing personal, professional, and romantic relationships all root from the ability to communicate organically and fluidly.

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What You’ll Learn

Part 1

Learn essential skills for an ability to talk to everyone you meet.

Part 2

Three simple steps to getting OTHERS to open up and speak freely.

Part 3

The secret to never having another awkward silence in conversation again.

Part 4

How to enlarge others and keep them consistently coming back to YOU.

Master the art of conversation, today!

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While conversation skills are useful to all, our course is specifically tailored to help those who are meeting new people due to a transition (ie: transitioning from one school to another, starting a new job, ride-share drivers, etc.)

Our course gives YOU the tools you need to instantly connect with anyone you meet.

Education can be expensive, but nothing is MORE COSTLY than poor relational skills. There is no better investment than into your conversational skills.

Being able to communicate with others is the single most beneficial trait one can have to distinguish themselves from all others- whether it is for a job interview or social success, being able to talk with others is the key to a happy life!

Naa, we would never do you dirty like that.

When you purchase the eCourse, you also get a login and username that acts as your membership, which will be yours for as long as there is an internet. With your membership comes unlimited access to STAR coaching videos, curriculum, and certification.

Our product is so great you’re not going to need a refund. Like, for real. But if you’re still wondering… We believe in our product so much we offer a no questions asked, full refund, for 30 days. Buying a membership is no risk, and we make returns painless. If you are still on the fence, you can also sign up for our free trial (CLICK HERE) to see what STAR is like.

While any kindergartener will be quick to tell you that sharing is in fact caring, we want each of our users to have their own membership. Not only do individual memberships help the creators of STAR afford a cup of coffee on rainy days, it also enables each person to receive a CUSTOMIZED certificate of completion at the end of their course!

The STAR eCourse is $139. With this fee comes a login and password for unlimited access to the STAR Conversations curriculum. You can purchase a risk-free (30-day refund guaranteed) membership HERE.

Private coaching with J.V. is limited and available through an application process only. If you feel like you would benefit from private coaching, please complete the Personalized Application Process HERE.