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Businesses lose $62 BILLION a year due to poor customer connection!

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Harvard University studies suggest that THE most important component to a thriving organization is the ability to connect with your customers on an emotional level. Teach your team how with STAR.

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What You’ll Learn

Part 1

Learn essential skills for an ability to talk to everyone you meet.

Part 2

Three simple steps to getting OTHERS to open up and speak freely.

Part 3

The secret to never having another awkward silence in conversation again.

Part 4

How to enlarge others and keep them consistently coming back to YOU.


From senior executives to seniors in high school, the soft-skills of connection and conversation are essential for those wanting to take their team and themselves to the next level.

If you are in a job that requires people interaction of any kind (sales, restaurant, HR, retail, education, etc.), STAR will increase your ability to attract and connect with the people around you.

We realize education can be expensive, but nothing is MORE COSTLY than poor relational skills. Being able to connect with others through conversation will lead to bigger personal and professional networks, which ultimately leads to increased opportunities.

Being able to communicate with others is the single most beneficial trait you can have to distinguish yourself from all others!

Naa, we would never do you dirty like that.

When you purchase the eCourse, you also get a login and username that acts as your membership, which will be yours for as long as there is an internet. With your membership comes unlimited access to STAR coaching videos, curriculum, and certification.

Our product is so great you’re not going to need a refund. Like, for real. But if you’re still wondering… We believe in our product so much we offer a no questions asked, full refund, for 30 days. Buying a membership is no risk, and we make returns painless. If you are still on the fence, you can also sign up for our free trial (CLICK HERE) to see what STAR is like.

You’re busy and time is valuable! With this in mind, we set out to consolidate and streamline our eCourse. We took all the content from our one-day workshops and distilled it down into a potent course, completable in under 1 hour! However, we also have tailored worksheets and practical exercises that can be implemented and discussed for weeks to come.

We proudly offer the STAR eCourse for only $129. This low price includes access to our four-part video series, articles, worksheets, 3 CEUs, and a personalized certificate of completion. Purchase your risk-free membership HERE (30-day refund guaranteed)!

We also offer a discount to businesses using STAR for their professional development or training purposes. Businesses ordering ten or more eCourse access codes will receive 15% off. Request a corporate discount HERE.

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