Quick Tip #13

Strong people are not swayed by the opinions or actions of others. They make up their minds to do something— then they do it. Nothing stops them.

Weak people would give up. Weak people need the approval of everyone to keep going (an impossible goal) and stop at the first sign of resistance from others… But you’re not a weak person.

You’re strong. And strong people are a force to be reckoned with. They are relentless in their passions and desires. They do not sway or change their convictions or goals based on how others respond.

Could you imagine if Steve Jobs stopped the first time someone laughed at the idea of a phone that also had the power of a computer? Or if the Wright brother stopped the first time the idea of an airplane was laughed at?

Greatness is often laughed at before it is understood or followed. Great people who achieve great things kindly ignore the haters and keep on their grind.

So as you work to engage in rich, meaningful conversations, don’t be discouraged by those who do not understand what you are doing or even laugh at you when you try to have a deep life talk.

Keep loving them, keep investing in the culture of meaningful conversations around you, and watch how they come around to your higher level of interaction in due time.

-J.V. Fuji