Quick Tip #14

I live near in a little beach town in California. My wife and I love the soothing sound of the salt water and watching the sun sparkle off of every wave that crashes on the sandy shores.

What always surprises me though, is how many people miss out on the beauty of the moment and quality conversation with those around them because they are busy trying to get “that perfect instagram shot”.

I cannot tell you how many times I see people missing out. They look at this beautiful world through their camera app, then bury their face in an editing app and completely ignore the person who they came to the beach with.

And they probably get a great insta shot… but what benefit is it for you if your social media following is huge but you have no real, deep relationships because you neglected them while you built your social empire?

So my encouragement to you is this— invest in what matters. Skip editing that photo to perfection (or do it later) and be completely present with those you are with.

Your challenge today: see how long you can keep from using your phone when with another human being.

-J.V. Fuji