Quick Tip #15

Have you ever been around someone who blurts out everything they think? If you have, there are times when it can be refreshing, but more times than not, it is obnoxious.

The problem with having no filter is that you can hurt a lot of feelings and needlessly offend people.

The fact of the matter is, you can usually find a polite and tactful way to say just about anything you want, but when you shoot from the hip, it is often unpolished, and if said at the wrong time, can inadvertently cause relational tension with others.

So take the extra second or two and run it through this filter: is this NECESSARY to the conversation? Will it be BENEFICIAL to the listener? What is the most TACTFUL way I can say this?

And if it doesn’t pass through those filters, DON’T SAY IT. The world will not end (and contrary to popular belief, you will not explode) if you hold in a negative comment or two. Plus, it just might help your relationships!

-J.V. Fuji