Quick Tip #18 (Featured STAR)

Meet this week’s Featured STAR, Randy Fujishin.

Randy is an acclaimed author, has served as the division AND department chair of West Valley College and a highly sought-after speaker.

But even with all his fame, do you know how he is best known to the people of his town?

As the morning trash man.

For the last NINE YEARS, Randy has walked three miles every day, rain or shine, and picked up trash along the streets of his hometown, Scotts Valley (before driving to work or catching a plane to speak somewhere.)

Randy humbly serves his town with no desire for praise, fame, or recognition. But his service goes far beyond trash! If you see cars pulled over or people stopping and talking, chances are it is to be with this trash man.

He is quick to say that trash is secondary to why he really walks: as a ministry time to encourage, pray with, and speak life into those who pass by him.

He embodies everything STAR Conversations teaches, and is making the world a better place because of his presence.

Thanks for all you do Randy!

-J.V. Fuji