Quick Tip #21

Here is a great question you can try out in conversation TODAY.

I know it can feel a little awkward at first— but do you know why therapists get to charge $100/hr? Because they create spaces where people feel safe to talk about things like their feelings.

Now you and I are no therapists, but the hourly rate speaks to the value of what they do and the need people have for having conversations about these things.

Being able to process through our emotions with someone is valuable, which makes the person who creates spaces to do it valuable. If you want to become an essential, unforgettable pillar in peoples lives— start to normalize the subject of feelings in your conversations.

So today, in one of your conversations, try it out. Take your conversations and relationship to the next level. Go deep and get past the fluff. Talk about the important things like the others thoughts and emotions.

-J.V. Fuji