Quick Tip #22

Our worldview is shown in the words we use.

You cannot think outside of the language you know. We think in the language we speak. Words allow us to think through and process life’s events.

The importance of this is that the words we use most often will begin to color how we interpret the events of life.

For example, if you always say things like “no problem”, that word choice is training you to see life through a “problem mindset.” You see things as obstacles, and what you did for that person just happened not to be one of them.

This is in stark contrast to those who repeatedly say things like, “my pleasure.” They see the world in terms of enjoyment and positivity. The difference is a “pleasure vs problem” mindset. And it is revealed and reinforced through the words we speak.

So be careful what words you use often! Our words revealed and reinforced how we see the world!

-J.V. Fuji