Meet J.V. Fuji

J.V. Fuji is a conversation expert who has dedicated his life to helping others master the art of conversation and learn how to connect with anyone, anywhere.

With a master’s degree in communication, he began in the education world where he interacted with people from all walks of life. But J.V. saw one common denominator with the hundreds of people he worked with: the people who connected quickly and talked easily with others tended to be the ones who went on to be the most successful.

This observation drove him to hand-craft a curriculum that could give anyone that competitive edge in their personal and professional life. He now speaks at conferences and coaches individuals in how to master the art of conversation and leverage the powerful tool of language.

In his personal life, people are likely to find J.V. riding his cb450 motorcycle through the Santa Cruz mountains, stream fishing in the Sierra Nevadas, or sharing an order of sushi with his phenomenal, beautiful, compassionate, intelligent, godly wife… Aurora.

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